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What is PDR?

(Paintless Dent Repair) The answer to an age old problem that used to involve plastic fillers (bondo),and require painting and color matching. Now with quality trained technicians and PDR, you can be “Worry free” that the DentHub will return your vehicle to you in a timely manner and the value of your vehicle still in tact.

The process of removing damage to vehicles without the need for painting is not new. Mercedes Benz allegedly began having "metal-men" work small imperfections in panels while still on the assembly line as long ago as the 1950's. Today's PDR technicians have adapted various techniques for removing dings and dents from vehicles without the need for fillers and re-painting almost an art form. Advances in automotive clear coat durability have led to miraculous results for even large dents.


How long does the repair process take?

That depends. Each dent is different and each repair is done to accomplish one goal, a quality repair. Dents between the size of a dime-silver dollar usually take about an hour while dents the size of a baseball and larger can take several hours.

What can PDR fix?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is very effective for repairing almost any dent where the metal is not creased and the paint is not broken or cracked.  It is especially effective for repairing hail damage.


What are the benefits of PDR?

The most important benefit is QUALITY. PDR is as close to the dent never happening as you can get. No grinding, Bond-o, fillers, primer or paint is used because your factory paint is not disturbed. There are no problems with filler or paint shrinkage months after the repair, as is common with typical body shop repairs and your repair at the DentHub is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Will PDR damage my vehicles paint?

No. Today's automotive paint is highly flexible and durable. When PDR is performed by a competent technician, the paint is in no way damaged.